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Solar Panels Technicians

What to expect

In this section of our website we'll explain throughout detail the simple steps that are required in order to start producing solar energy from your home. We'll go over the blue collar and white collar portions of the job so you can know what's coming. It is a lot of moving parts but most are set in place to protect the client. You don't want just anybody making electrical connections on or in your home and neither do we. 

Final Step: PTO

After your solar equipment has been installed we will request for inspection. This ensures that your system was not only installed safely but up to local code.

Once we are "green tagged" or approved by your local jurisdiction we simply notify your utility that you are ready to start producing. now that they have received word of your energy production capabilities they will adjust your meter to become bi-directional. Meaning they can start buying energy from you rather than just selling it to you.

Now you're all set, we'll walk you through the set up of your app, which comes with it's own dedicated team of customer service that focuses on the maintenance of equipment. This usually involves system or app updates so you can get even more out your system, maybe you just need help logging in. Customer support is available 24/7 with most solar equipment manufacturers.

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