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What we're capable of

At Tech-sun Solar, we understand that each property has unique energy needs. Your utility provider and local ordinance also adds to the uniqueness of your situation.  That's why we offer a range of renewable energy solutions, including off-grid and grid-tied systems, home battery and generator installations. Our team of experts will work with you to design a system that fits your situation.


Many companies out there are not able to install these systems most likely due to inexperience. We are able to do it all. We not only have experience with the three largest renewable technology companies, but many others as well.

Solar panel installation

We only deal with the highest quality solar panels on the market. As a matter of fact most of our experience in the solar industry is the installation of solar panels and back-up systems, not selling. Rest assured that we will not only choose the highest quality, but the best to fit your roof and needs. 


Generator installation

We not only install generators, we can integrate them with your battery system if need be. You can have either or the best of both worlds when it comes to whole home back-up systems just by simply choosing us. 


EV charger installation

If you have an EV or plan on getting one, we can make sure that your home will be ready for it when the time comes. Many companies install whatever is most cost effective to them, we choose what is most cost effective for you. Not every system comes ready for EV charging capabilities and we can make sure yours will be if that's something you will need.


Battery installation

With batteries you will be able to get the most out of your solar system, especially during the night and obviously during power outages. Go off-grid every single night so you draw the least, if any, power at all from your local utility. 

Residential Buildings with Solar Panels

Get in Touch

Some homeowners are sure of what they need and want. Others are unsure and that's ok, we're the experts and we're here to help. Let us guide you into deciding on which back-up system if any you should install. Most back-up systems can be added onto a solar project. Even if your just curious let us know, we can provide multiple quotes for the same project at no extra cost.

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