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Why we're all in

Tech-Sun Solar was founded on many principles but with the main focus set on maintaining our integrity throughout every step of the way. Whether it's craftsmanship during the installation process, finding the right lender or good old fashioned customer service. With the solar market being so heavily saturated there's no telling where you're sending your hard-earned money to. Many installers are from out-of-state and with the demand being so high many are simply just not experienced enough. Which is why it's not surprising that most local installers are not capable of servicing a back-up system like we are able to.


Not only are we family/locally owned and operated but we share many of the same Tech-Sun core values. Such as our word is our bond. After seeing so many unexperienced installs lead to flat out nightmares for many, the need was felt and heard. We will never push a system that doesn't benefit you and will never undersize your system as we have seen many times before. You won't be billed until you're up and running. Fully operating, which not every solar company has the integrity to do.

Headquarterd in
Houston, TX


Why us?

Most of the experience we have at Tech-Sun Solar is within the installation and design process, not the sales portion of the business. Many, honestly most solar companies are salesperson focused, meaning their tips and tricks to the trade are usually on paper and not on the field. Many installers also feel underappreciated in these environments, and often times it can show in their work. We take care of our guys so when they're on the field their only focus is customer satisfaction and maintaining a high level of craftsmanship; paired with the willingness to work safely. 

With all that being said not only can we more than likely get you the best deal for you in your area, but we can also provide the best service. After numerous requests, hopefully, most companies will schedule you in a month or two ahead of time since they're so scattered throughout the state or country. We are also able to service our clients much faster than expected since we're focused on serving our community, resulting in quicker turn-over rates. 

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